Device detection capabilities in Varnish

Varnish has now partnered with dotMobi to embed its device detection solution, DeviceAtlas, into Varnish Cache. This means that Varnish Software customers will have the option to use device detection capabilities via an embedded DeviceAtlas API. This option is becoming increasingly important as new devices are continually emerging and changing the way we access the web. For example, it's predicted that by 2015 the mobile will be the device most commonly used to access the web.
We are confident that DeviceAtlas is the best device awareness solution we can offer our customers as DeviceAtlas leads the field in detection accuracy and data comprehensiveness.
The benefits
For our customers the partnership with DeviceAtlas means that the solution will detect Web-enabled devices in real time through its robust, high-speed API within Varnish Cache and return detailed information on their capabilities. Based on the information companies can make informed decisions on what content to serve on a given device. Varnish Software customers can subscribe to receive daily DeviceAtlas updates without the need for additional configuration.
DeviceAtlas is capable of detecting virtually all Web-enabled devices at high speeds, and covers new types of devices like tablets, game consoles, and e-readers as well as the latest phones.

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