How the most popular women’s portal in the Middle-East became a “speedy-beast”

Last week we were contacted by Andrija Panic, System Administrator at Diwanee is the digital media company behind, and many other popular women’s portals in the Middle East. Andrija wanted to give tribute to Varnish and to use his own words “Thanks to Varnish the most popular women’s portal in the Middle East, is a speedy beast”. Our curiosity was obviously awakened and we wanted to know more. We reached out to Andrija and he was kind enough to share Diwanee’s story and how they use Varnish.
Page rendering four times faster
“Diwanee creates and distributes original, high quality and trusted content and serves a huge female audience in the Middle East (it reaches 6 million Arab women in the Gulf Cooperation council (GCC)). Before deploying Varnish, we had frequent spikes in traffic, which would sometimes render the whole server infrastructure inaccessible. Also page load time was much longer than it is now as the page rendering was going through the web server and database. When we saw spikes in the number of concurrent users we lost a lot of visitors because the page load time was very high, this seriously affected our revenue-generation. After installing Varnish, we have solved 99% of our performance issues. We use Varnish to cache all our pages along with all static content (images, css and js) resulting in a 98%-99% hit rate. This means that once the page is cached, we can handle several thousand concurrent users, without the load on our servers ever increasing and we have also lowered the page rendering time from couple of seconds to under half a second. And as an additional benefit we are now immune to most DOS attacks.”
Positive effect on the bottom line“After deploying Varnish we have been able to save significantly on monthly hosting bills as we now need much less powerful hardware. We have also gained a much larger user base, without spoiling our website performance, which translates into better site ranking and better revenue. Overall, Varnish has been a lifesaver for us in terms of stability, performance and costs. We now use it on all our portals. It’s absolutely the best piece of web performance software we have seen so far.”

We are very proud of our software and the fact that it is improving web performance worldwide. Please give us a nudge if you too have a great story to share:

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