The stock exchange in Oslo, Oslo Børs, runs a superfast website with Varnish

After the stock exchange in Oslo, Oslo Børs, deployed Varnish the response times on their website has decreased by almost 80 percent. “Our websites can now handle an almost unlimited number of visits, while also serving pages much faster than before,” says webmaster Morten Isebakke Lyse.
Best possible user experience
Throughout the years Oslo Børs has built a large and loyal user base of their information site. “For many we are the preferred supplier of online financial data, but we cater to various audiences and want to provide the best possible user experience for all visitors. Therefore it is important to us that our website is as stable as possible and that our web pages are delivered very fast,” says Isebakke Lyse.
Before Oslo Børs deployed Varnish they had experienced instances of downtime and were not satisfied with the speed of their web pages.
You can read more on how Varnish helped Oslo Børs give their website a real boost on both Norwegian Computerworld and
The photo is (c) Pål Nordseth.

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