Join us @ANGA COM

May 14-16 - Cologne, Germany
Hall 7 - C.41

Meet with Varnish at ANGA COM

We’re delighted to be back at ANGA COM this year! 

What would it mean to your bottom line if you could cut content delivery infrastructure costs and energy usage by up to 75% while laying the foundation for high-quality, high-concurrency use cases? Let’s talk!

We’ll show you how to extract every bit of value from existing network infrastructure to support strategic initiatives; whether you need to reduce latency, optimize content delivery or launch new offerings at the mobile edge.

Support New and Emerging Use Cases:

  • Stream Seamlessly from the Edge - create a seamless digital world, delivering at a speed and scale that transcends existing streaming capabilities.
  • Deploy a Private Edge CDN - scale last mile delivery while controlling costs.
  • Improve Origin Performance and Protection - enable lightning-fast, responsive and reliable digital experiences to end users. 

Gain Complete Control of the Digital Experience:

  • Full delivery software stack includes caching, control plane and routing.
  • Highly flexible deployment across bare metal, cloud, containers and VMs.
  • Multi-tenant with management via CLI or a full-featured, intuitive UI.
  • Provides an edge run-time environment so you control edge logic.
  • Save costs by optimising use of CDNs.
  • Quick set up of POPs in strategic locations.


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