Partner program overview

We are first and foremost a product company, and we will never learn to know every industry, geography, business culture or technology. Our expertise will always focus on web application acceleration. We need partners that know and understand the needs, businesses and processes of our prospective customers in diverse geographies around the world.

Varnish Open Partners (VOP)

This is a ‘lightweight’ partnership designed for system integrators and digital agencies who have a prospective Varnish customer opportunity. The process around VOP is simple. When you have a customer or prospect that would be suitable for Varnish, contact Jonatan Lindgren ( and we'll review the prospective opportunity together. Assuming that there is a viable opportunity, we’ll assign a member of the Varnish Software sales team to work directly with you and your client to ensure a successful adoption of the appropriate Varnish solution. 

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Integration partners

Our integration partners provide services, such as support, hosting, integration and consulting in their respective markets. They have certified staff and work closely with us. They retain full ownership of their customers throughout the partnership.

Training partners

Our training partners help facilitate training. We train and certify Varnish users and help promote the local training sessions. Training partners provide the infrastructure and training expertise, while Varnish Software provides training material, certifications and training for the person responsible for teaching the Varnish course.