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Relocation support on Enterprise Linux

In the latest Varnish Cache Plus (VCP) release for Enterprise Linux, support
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19/02/16 15:01
by Lasse Karstensen

Varnish Cache Plus 4.0.3r5 available

Varnish Cache Plus 4.0.3r5 is now available in the repositories. All users
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18/02/16 15:11
by Lasse Karstensen

Varnish Cache Plus 4.1: Update on Supported Platforms

With the forthcoming release of Varnish Cache Plus 4.1, we will be making changes
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28/01/16 13:54
by Lasse Karstensen

Caching partial objects with varnish 4.0

HTTP allows a client to ask for only a part of an object. This is often called a "range request", because the header involved is called Range.

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19/01/16 13:45
by Lasse Karstensen

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