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Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation is here

To help ensure our customers and fans continue to discover the right products for the right job, we’ve made a few changes. The product formerly known as Varnish Hashninja will hereby be known as Varnish Enhanced Cache Invalidation.

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8/1/14 11:19 AM
by Scott Kircher

How Your Website's Caching Platform Can Help Your Newsroom

Working in the newsroom? With Varnish Software having crossover in almost every industry with an online presence, we like to support this by sharing information on the delivery, performance and scalability benefits that come with Varnish and Varnish Plus. Global Editors Network (GEN) are working with us to help share this message. Below is the latest interview with Varnish Software Founder and CTO, Per Buer (twitter handle @perbu), focussing on caching in the newsroom; from speed of content delivery to paywall solutions.

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5/23/14 11:19 AM
by Scott Kircher

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