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Varnish 6 by Example

Varnish 6 by Example is the essential guide to all things Varnish 6, with tutorials for features and modules across Varnish Cache and Varnish Enterprise.

t’s a practical book full of tips and best practices for getting the most out of your Varnish setup and reaching new heights in your caching operations, whether you’re new to Varnish or an experienced pro.

Fully updated to cover the latest features, modules and use cases, Varnish 6 By Example provides everything you need to learn VCL, scale web operations, build custom CDNs and level-up your Varnish skills.

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Varnish Book 6


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  • Publication: September 10, 2021
  • Pages: 777
  • Author: Thijs Feryn
  • Downloaded: 5000+ times
Thijs Feryn

"This book takes a deep dive into the technical features of Varnish and then goes further: it encourages readers to rethink their content delivery strategy and emphasizes the importance of decision-making on the edge. It's packed with examples, making abstract content delivery concepts more tangible and relatable, so you're ready to use Varnish in the wild."

Thijs Feryn, Varnish Software Technical Evangelist

What You Will Learn

Varnish 6 By Example takes a hands-on approach to Varnish, from first
steps with the software to tackling advanced caching techniques.

Install Varnish

Across platforms, hardware and distributions

Caching Basics

Leveraging HTTP caching best practices

Write VCL

A flexible edge logic for finely tuned caching

Configure Storage

Efficiently cache massive amounts of data

Use Every Feature

A guide to all Varnish 6 features and vmods

Load Balancing

And using Varnish in a multi-node architecture

Securing Varnish

With access controls, cache encryption and TLS

Advanced Caching

From cache invalidation to caching the uncacheable

Stream Video

Varnish is a powerful live, OTT, VoD streaming platform

Build CDNs

And unlock Private CDN performance

Chapters in Varnish 6 By Example

Chapters in Varnish 6 By Example

As the comprehensive guide to all things Varnish 6, the book covers the following topics:

  • What is Varnish?
  • Why choose Varnish 6?
  • HTTP caching
  • The Varnish Configuration Language
  • Varnish Modules
  • Invalidating the cache
  • Varnish for operations
  • Decision-making on the edge
  • Building your own CDN with Varnish

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