Varnish Training Academy is coming to Gothenburg

Join us for a Varnish Administration Course, Gothenburg, 23rd & 24th January 2017

So, you already know the basics of Varnish Cache and/or Varnish Plus. Maybe you’ve been working with it in a production environment or maybe you wanted to learn more and took our self-paced e-learning course* to find out exactly how Varnish works and see what it can do for you and your web performance and content delivery challenges. To get the most from your Varnish installation, though, formal classroom learning and guided, hands-on training can provide real insight into real-life use and optimization of your Varnish deployment(s). 

What the Varnish Administration course offers:

  • One-on-one time with a Varnish expert
  • Your own Varnish Plus training instance for hands-on experimentation
  • Certification to back up your knowledge of Varnish

Thanks to popular demand, you’ll get your chance to join our Varnish Administration course in Gothenburg, Sweden this January.

What: Two-day Varnish Administration course
When: January 23-24, 2017
Where: Redpill Linpro, Johan På Gårdas gata 5B, 412 50 Göteborg, Sweden
Price: 750 EUR per person
Instructor: Dridi Boukelmoune, Varnish developer

Our Varnish Administration course is the best way to get face-to-face instruction and gain access to Varnish Software core developers, who bring their expertise to the table to make sure you maximize your learning and get your Varnish-related questions answered. In addition to the “just the facts” nuts and bolts, tips and tricks and how-tos of Varnish, you will learn about the flexibility of Varnish and how, by learning new Varnish-specific magic, you can tackle technical struggles and performance challenges as well as create unique policies for content management.

Don't miss your chance to take advantage of this in-demand training event. Spaces are limited. Register now!

*The e-learning course is a prerequisite that must be completed successfully before registering for the Varnish Administration course. The Varnish Administration course will not cover the topics covered in the e-learning course, as it will be assumed these were mastered in the e-learning course.


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