It is not uncommon for organizations that distribute large volumes of data globally to face scalability and performance issues, high network costs, network limitations and/or high latency. 

Cedexis and Varnish Software have formed a partnership to provide a highly flexible and powerful software layer to build a bespoke and fully optimized content delivery solution for customers. The solution combines high-performance caching with scalable global traffic management enabling a hybrid content delivery strategy.

During this on-demand webinar you will gain practical insight into: 

  • content control and flexibility gains of a private CDN leveraging the software layer Varnish and Cedexis are offering
  • deployment scenarios & use cases for Varnish Extend (as a private CDN or private CDN in hybrid mode)
  • the performance & flexibility advantages of using Varnish Extend
  • how Cedexis’s Global Traffic Management service bundled with Varnish Extend will ensure that you always deliver content from the fastest server, closest to your end user