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Varnish Software solutions have been used by global companies across sectors to boost their online business, to deliver a better online experience to their users, to be able to deliver terabytes of content in seconds, and more. Learn more about how Varnish Software solutions address web content delivery and performance issues and concerns in multiple industries and can help, with our technical solutions, you achieve your business objectives and future-proof your web and IoT data delivery and performance challenges.

  • HTTP Streaming with Varnish - Delve into the history streaming of video or audio over HTTP and how it has evolved. Varnish Software has been working with some of the world’s leading companies to turn Varnish into an efficient video distribution solution
  • Varnish API Engine - Learn about the future-facing challenges of API management and current industry blind spots that stand in the way of API use, growth and IoT development: performance and stability.
  • Varnish Plus Security - Read the Varnish Software paper on facing down the challenges of increasing cybersecurity threats and find out what Varnish Plus can do for you.
  • Varnish Cache - Find out how Varnish Cache is built and why we believe it is the best web application acceleration platform available today. It explains the major features of Varnish Cache, how they are built and how you can utilize Varnish Cache to accelerate your web applications.
  • Varnish Administration Console (VAC) - This white paper will help you learn how to gain efficiencies from on-the-fly cache invalidation, real-time analytics and Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) flexibility.
  • Varnish Paywall - Discover the origins of the paywall and the different content access rules you can adopt with Varnish Paywall, as well as how to integrate with other systems to ensure that both subscribed and regular users alike can gain very fast access to content after you've implemented Varnish Paywall.
  • The High Cost of Poor Web Performance - See potential causes, costs and risks of running a website that is not performing optimally. Understand whether an open source or subscription version of Varnish Cache is best suited to help you enhance your web performance.
  • The value of real-time statistics with Varnish Plus & VCS - If all of your web traffic flows through Varnish Plus, you have all the real-time performance and use statistics you need and can easily export to your favorite tool or dashboard for real-time interpretation and optimization.