We are giving away 50 FREE signed copies of the Varnish 6 by Example book

Varnish 6 by Example Hardcover-1

The first batch of the hardcover version is hitting our Sweden office and the book author, Thijs Feryn, is flying over to personally sign and send a copy to 50 lucky Varnish champions.

Register your interest to get the chance to receive a free signed copy of the book!

The offer is only available until Wednesday, 4th of August @ 6am EDT / 12pm CEST / 7pm JST 


Sorry, this offer is no longer available 😞

Keep an eye on our social media platforms as general availability will soon be announced. 


Haven't downloaded your copy of Varnish 6 By Example yet?

Fully updated to cover the latest features, modules and use cases, Varnish 6 By Example provides everything you need to learn VCL, scale web operations, build custom CDNs and level-up your Varnish skills.

New to Varnish? Use the book to understand core Varnish concepts and get to grips with VCL.

Already a Varnish master? Go deep on advanced caching strategies, private CDNs, OTT streaming and more.


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