Massive Storage Engine (MSE)

Varnish Massive Storage Engine (MSE) enables high-performance caching and persistence for 100TB+ data sets to meet the needs of video distribution, CDNs, and large-cache use cases and for businesses in which high-performance delivery of large data sets is critical.

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Better storage

Less fragmentation and optimized least recently used (LRU) cache eviction policy for better performance and concurrency

Cache persistence

Retain your cache across planned and unplanned restarts for better durability, performance and little to no downtime

Size doesn't matter

Store and serve almost unlimited-sized objects in cache for fast and scalable content delivery

Who should use the Varnish Massive Storage Engine?

Ideal for video streaming and other content delivery relying on large-scale data sets, MSE delivers in both large and small data set situations - even as a memory-only cache, taking advantage of MSE’s improved LRU mechanisms. These kinds of businesses include image banks, retailers, financial institutions, and in particular, media and video streaming as well as companies building their own custom CDNs.


Massive Storage Engine (MSE) Features

Cache almost unlimited objects for fast and scalable delivery for any video distributor, CDN or large cache applications.
Your cache survives when Varnish has a planned or unplanned restart. All objects remain in the cache with minimal performance reduction. For big CDNs, an empty cache is a no-go, and reintroducing large cache objects is time-consuming without MSE.
The persistence layer can act as a secondary origin server for additional protection and better performance.
Each object is allocated storage in one place, not many, meaning fast retrieval, especially for traditionally lower-cost rotating media.
Ensure that objects entering cache don’t waste time fighting for storage space.
Books and stores setup allows for distribution of the cache across many different storage devices for efficient disaster recovery and the possibility to warm up your cache on a different machine and mount the store with “hot data”.
MSE’s design is both high-performance and high-concurrency oriented, with the ability to process 100Gb per second on a single server.

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