Varnish Private CDN

Fully customizable edge caching and origin protection technology stack.

Private CDN helps content providers build in-house CDNs, hybrid CDNs, consumer CDNs, and advanced edge platforms. Reach uncharted levels of performance while mitigating cost escalation to provide true ROI. 


Low latency

✓ Edge logic

✓ 500Gbps throughput

✓ Origin shield

✓ Realtime statistics

Content pre-fetch

✓ 100TB+ edge storage

Strategically located PoPs

Hybrid flexibility and traffic management

✓ 5G compatible

✓ Technical Support

✓ Managed Service on demand

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*Free trial available! After the trial period, subscription starts from $15,000 for small and medium enterprises

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Origin protect

Offload requests for content away from origin servers and handle more users with less bandwidth.

Meet huge demand

Scale rapidly to deliver content at speed while protecting origin servers. 


Fast content delivery

Hit 500Gbps from a single server to satisfy users anywhere with latency-free content.


Manage costs

Control high-traffic content delivery by provisioning alongside existing CDN architecture to prevent cost escalation.


Control content delivery and stay competitive at scale

Private CDN is a customizable CDN toolkit for providing a fully optimized experience for users, without the costs of building from scratch or using public CDNs.

Using pre-built, pre-optimized origin protection and edge-caching components, Varnish Private CDN delivers content in a tuned, tailored way, giving you a competitive edge while satisfying users with maximum performance.


The Fastest Content Delivery in the World


Origin protect
Private CDN features a high-performance content replication engine and protective layer against huge audiences and unpredictable demand.

Edge caching
Makes extreme performance possible, with 500Gbps from a single server while handling 100K+ requests per second.

Custom PoP placement
Strategically locate PoPs to reach global audiences quickly and control content delivery to optimize the user experience for key customers.

Edge logic
Execute logic at the network edge in real-time on high-speed infrastructure rather than client-side.

Configurability & control
VCL lets you customize and control delivery and set policies for maximum performance while avoiding vendor lock-in.

Varnish Enterprise Standard

Hours of support
Software Resolution Guarantee
No. of Support requests/year
*for small and medium enterprises

Varnish Enterprise Premium

Hours of support
Software Resolution Guarantee
72 Hours
No. of Support requests/year

For Customized Pricing

Varnish as a Managed Service

Dedicated Support Engineer
24/7 Phone Support and Private Slack Channel
24/7 Monitoring, Alerting, Incident Response & Emergency Escalation

For Customized Pricing

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Varnish Developer Portal

Whether you face Varnish challenges you want to solve or you want to be up and running with Varnish in just minutes, the Varnish Developer Portal is for you.

Discuss your needs with one of our experts and see performance gains first hand!