This year we are celebrating the ten year anniversary of Varnish Cache. The open source project has grown up in its ten years of existence, boosting the performance of more than 2.2 million websites worldwide. Varnish Cache continues to do big things, serving up web content faster and decreasing server load.

We are ready to party: Join us!

For the next ten months, we will feature competitions, campaigns and prizes to highlight the best of Varnish Cache. The party lasts throughout 2016 - and it wouldn’t be a party without the Varnish Cache open source community taking part all year long. We’ll kick off with a giveaway, but that is only the beginning.

As a part of Varnish Software's year-long celebration, this program is designed to identify and showcase results users have achieved using Varnish. The idea is also to estable a best practices library that helps all Varnish users by identifying and sharing the most compelling deployments throughout the Varnish community.

Recognizing the Varnish contributors

The Varnish Software blog will showcase interviews and features with open source community leaders who have made the biggest impact on Varnish.

Our birthday wish for Varnish Cache

We want Varnish Cache and the community that loves it to continue to grow and deliver on the promise of fast and flexible web performance.

We hope you will join us in celebrating our first ten years by taking part in all or some of the activities above, and most of all, by joining us for Varnish Cache’s next ten exciting years.