Is high demand for content increasing your CDN costs? Are you having to reallocate budget from other business functions?
Varnish DIY CDN helps enterprises control costs using pre-built, pre-optimized origin protection and edge-caching components. When added to existing CDN setups it can handle bulk traffic while protecting servers, to reduce costs and improve resilience all while satisfying large audiences with high-fidelity content like VoD and OTT video.
Hear our expert speaker, Arianna Aondio, Field Engineer at Varnish Software, to learn:
  • What Varnish is and how it works
  • Why a one-size-fits-all CDN approach doesn’t always fit everyone
  • When to introduce a private CDN into your CDN setup
  • 3 ways Varnish DIY CDN can reduce operating costs 
  • How SFR uses Varnish DIY CDN for content delivery

Arianna speaking

Arianna Aondio
Field Engineer | Varnish Software


View this webinar to learn more about how adding Varnish technology to a CDN setup can cut costs and give you the flexibility and control you need to master global high-traffic content delivery!