With native TLS in Varnish, it's possible to reach speeds of up to 190Gbps from a single, off-the-shelf server. 

To stay competitive and continue satisfying their customer base, streaming services and content providers need to be able to serve live video and video-on-demand smoothly without buffering, especially ultra-HD streaming.

Join our exclusive webinar to learn: 

  • What is in-process TLS in Varnish and how does it work
  • How to implement in-process TLS in Varnish Enterprise
  • When to use TLS vs other options
  • Use Case: How in-process TLS benefits streaming services with speeds of up to 150Gbps (190Gbps by now)!

Register now to see how Varnish’s new in-process TLS pushes boundaries of performance for companies with specific bandwidth and latency needs — to be one of the fastest and most resource efficient solutions on market.

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