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Varnish Controller is an intuitive graphical administration platform for running Varnish clusters. It simplifies the process of managing Varnish instances, deploying and updating VCL, monitoring caching behavior and scaling resources.

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Try out all of Varnish Controller’s capabilities, including Traffic Router, straight away with our pre-configured and fully functional demo environment


Step 1 → Fill out the form here.


Step 2 → We’ll send you login credentials straightaway for the Varnish Controller and Traffic Router demo environment. You’ll receive login options for trying out different user permissions.


Step 3 → Sign in to the demo environment and gain immediate access to a pre-populated and complete test setup, where you can try out all of Controller and Traffic Router’s capabilities. 


There’s comprehensive documentation to help you explore the solution too. The demo environment is reset twice daily. If you would like a pristine, dedicated environment please do get in touch.