How The Hindu Newspaper Revolutionized Their Online News Delivery with Varnish Enterprise


Digital agility defines success. The Hindu, a highly popular English-language daily newspaper in India, provides a shining example of technological adaptation and advancement. This post delves into how The Hindu supercharged its content delivery using Varnish Enterprise.


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2/20/24 8:17 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Caching “Uncacheable” Artifactory Resources to Boost Cache Efficiency

Varnish is designed to optimize performance by enabling opportunities for efficiency improvements. In previous discussions, we have explored the role of Varnish in enhancing the performance of artifact management tools like Artifactory. Our focus now shifts to a particular aspect of this process: the way Varnish manages authorization in scenarios where it serves as an intermediary between Artifactory and its users. We will delve into Varnish's capability to cache content that is typically labeled "uncacheable" due to access restrictions. By caching private artifacts and adhering to Artifactory’s authorization rules, Varnish not only alleviates the load on the backend but also elevates cache performance, thereby bolstering developer productivity.


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2/7/24 6:04 PM
by Adrian Herrera

Varnish Controller 6.0 Makes Varnish Easier Than Ever

Varnish Controller 6.0 is here! This represents a milestone for Varnish Software and the evolution of Controller, our UI-based Varnish management and configuration platform. From the initial release of Controller, it has been dedicated to streamlining Varnish tasks, automating actions, and enabling easier management of even the most complex caching setups.

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2/1/24 10:00 AM
by Jess Bretin

Optimizing Streaming Services with Varnish: A Case Study of APA-IT's Success

APA-IT, Austria's premier media and broadcasting service provider, excels in offering IT services to the Austrian news agency and various other media companies. It has vast expertise in providing IT solutions for content production and distribution, including live and on-demand video streaming services.

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1/16/24 10:17 PM
by Ian Vaughan

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