Come learn from our engineers at the first Varnish summit of 2017

One of the most exciting parts of welcoming a new year is an entirely new schedule of Varnish Summits. We invite you to start off your year right by joining us for the very first Varnish Summit of 2017. We are returning to London for the first Varnish Summit of the year on 23 February at Skills Matter, the British tech community of engineers and developers.

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06/12/16 10:01
by Alexandra Lehner

Convenience in content delivery solutions: Choose your own adventure

You hear and read a lot these days about “taking back control of your content” … but are you really in control of your content when its delivery is in someone else’s hands? Or when you can’t decide how you want to manage the content and its delivery? Anyone who delivers copious amounts of content, has unconventional needs or wants to create a solution that works to the advantage and convenience of their own requirements will recognize that it’s kind of an adventure finding the right balance.

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05/12/16 11:30
by Erika Wolfe

Control your own content: Building a private content delivery solution

“Not everybody does it but everybody should…” Okay, quoting George Michael circa 1987 won’t get us anywhere, and the truth is, not everybody should build their own content delivery solution. But you should know that the option is there if you’ve got the need. Some companies do indeed have a need, with clear cases for building a private content delivery solution for themselves.

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30/11/16 11:44
by Erika Wolfe

Varnish Configuration Language best practices: 3 VCL tips to put into practice

VCL, which stands for Varnish Configuration Language, is used to define your own caching policies in Varnish Cache and Varnish Cache Plus. It is a real programming language whose syntax can in some cases be the same as the C language.

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29/11/16 13:30
by Arianna Aondio

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