Super Bowl-related video content: Prepare for virality

A lot of activities go hand in hand with the annual Super Bowl, the final championship game of America’s National Football League. Probably most awaited each year - apart from the big game itself - is the advertising and a whole lot of video that accompanies the actual ads. Companies from across the spectrum of industries invest unheard of amounts of time and money in creating what they hope will be the most-talked-about, viral ad campaigns - showcasing their offer during this prime Super Bowl period (including before and after). Most of this content is video. Preparation for this year’s event, which takes place on February 6th, probably started even before last year’s Super Bowl took place. For advertisers and media companies - and those who enable and underpin the delivery of ads and media - this is a bit like their own Super Bowl.

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12/01/17 17:00
by Erika Wolfe

Our gift while closing out the Varnish Cache 10-year anniversary: THE WIKI

It’s been a whirlwind year as Varnish Cache celebrated its tenth anniversary, and everyone at Varnish made sure we did it with a splash. How? The biggest way was by celebrating throughout the year the best and most innovative ways Varnish Cache is being used… meaning the emphasis was on you - the users of Varnish Cache and the creative ways you devise to make Varnish Cache work for you.

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09/01/17 12:14
by Rubén Romero

First opportunity to join Varnish training in 2017 is in Gothenburg

The Varnish Training Academy is coming to Gothenburg, Sweden and is the first "port of call" for the Varnish Training Academy in 2017. 
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04/01/17 12:13
by Raj Singh

Web content performance in 2017: Back to basics - Fast and clean

I’ll let you in on a little secret. I started writing this post a year ago when 2016 dawned. You know how it is: when a new year begins, we tend to take stock, analyze, reflect and sometimes go back to basics. But we often drop the ball and don't finish everything we start. (What else are New Year's resolutions for?)

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27/12/16 09:02
by Erika Wolfe

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