Don’t ‘cache’ out: strengthen cache security & comply with GDPR

As the General Data Protection Regulation comes into force (in May 2018), businesses of all sizes are getting ready in many different ways to achieve compliance. The aim: protect the personal data of individuals in Europe. Whether your company is in Europe or, like most global enterprises, doing business within Europe, you are responsible for ensuring that people’s personal data is handled with care. This takes on different meanings depending on context, but here, we’re talking about protecting data that lives in parts of your IT infrastructure. In this case specifically, the cache. 

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08/02/18 12:30
by Hildur Smaradottir

Tackling the challenges of HTTP streaming: New e-book

The future of streaming - and of the internet itself - is video. We've been saying it repeatedly for a long time, and anecdotally, we see companies and organizations across industries adopting more video and using it in new, creative ways. Video has saturated the landscape. 

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06/02/18 12:22
by Erika Wolfe

Configuration tales: Protecting a flaky API server

Varnish is a powerhouse, and a lot of the use cases you'll see about it are about delivering stellar performance, specially in CDN contexts. But today I'd like to share a more intimate setup that I came across recently, where Varnish shone not because of its perfomance but rather thanks to its flexibility. This should give you some ideas on how to use it more, notably back within the confines of your infrastructure.

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01/02/18 13:00
by Guillaume Quintard

Testing Varnish performance after patching for Meltdown & Spectre

2018 started with a bang!

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24/01/18 13:00
by Arianna Aondio

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