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Varnish Enterprise on Oracle Cloud Now Available on a Pay as you Go Basis

Varnish Enterprise is now available via Oracle Cloud Marketplace on a pay-as-you-go basis, for accelerating content delivery while protecting web services. A licensing option for US customers, it means you can run Varnish Enterprise on cloud infrastructure and only pay for what you use, keeping costs low as you scale and speed up your web operations.

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9/14/21 10:49 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Store Terabytes of Video at the Edge of your Network

How do the biggest video-streaming platforms in the world manage to store so much video and serve it so fast to such vast, global audiences? These questions stump even some companies that need to deliver high-performance streaming.

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9/8/21 10:59 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Uptime at all Times: Origin Shield to the Rescue

Although it’s not a traditional cybersecurity method, origin shielding lets you protect your origin server(s) from overload, ensuring high availability, performance uptime, and the ability to continue serving web and video traffic even when you experience a CDN outage. As we’ve seen with recent Fastly and Akamai CDN downtime events, the ability to create resilience and operate even in outage situations is a lifesaver. 

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8/27/21 7:44 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Understanding Multi-Tenant Web Traffic with Fine-Grained Statistics

It’s not unusual for companies to want to understand their web traffic in greater depth. Being able to collect fine-grained statistics provides valuable insight into web performance and potential improvements. 

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8/19/21 8:49 PM
by Ian Vaughan

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