Celebrating 10 Million Pulls on our Official Varnish Cache Docker Image

As the company behind the Varnish Cache open source project, we do our fair share of contributing to the open source community.

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4/8/22 11:43 AM
by Thijs Feryn

How Varnish Improves Artifactory Performance and Reduces Operational Toil Caused by Bottlenecks


Varnish is a software-defined solution for all kinds of web performance challenges. As flexible caching software, it can cache and accelerate the delivery of anything HTTP, including APIs. While Varnish is commonly deployed for web acceleration, streaming delivery or custom CDN purposes, it is also very successful when applied to other workflows, including internal business applications.

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4/5/22 3:21 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Redirect Loops

In this week’s episode of Two-Minute Tech Tuesday, we'll talk about getting stuck in an infinite redirect loop, an issue that occurs quite frequently in Varnish when you use caching, and HTTP to HTTPS redirection. In this blog, we'll explain how the issue occurs, and how you can resolve it.


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3/22/22 10:14 AM
by Thijs Feryn

Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Issuing JSON Web Tokens

In this week’s episode of Two-Minute Tech Tuesday, we'll continue the conversation about JSON Web Tokens. Last week, we demonstrated how JSON Web Tokens are composed and used in Varnish. This week, we'll show you how to turn Varnish into an authentication gateway that issues them.


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3/15/22 9:31 PM
by Thijs Feryn

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