What Private Content Delivery Is and Why it Matters

Almost all organizations rely on some form of content delivery. From websites to media to software. The transfer of data, internally and externally, over HTTP has been critical to the digital transformation of every industry. Historically, organizations turned to Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to serve these needs, however, the CDN market is consolidating as service providers of every size struggle to monetize traditional infrastructure that once was modern. 

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11/1/23 10:20 PM
by Adrian Herrera

Enable S3 Multi-Value Answer Routing in Varnish

Varnish Enterprise version 6.0.11r2 contains a new Varnish Module (VMOD).

S3 VMOD provides functionality for using Varnish as a caching proxy in front of S3-compatible object storage. It includes a dynamic backend director for S3 bucket endpoints.

Why is this an important VMOD? We explain below.

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6/7/23 11:00 AM
by Ian Vaughan

Two-Minute Tech Tuesdays - Redirect Loops

In this week’s episode of Two-Minute Tech Tuesday, we'll talk about getting stuck in an infinite redirect loop, an issue that occurs quite frequently in Varnish when you use caching, and HTTP to HTTPS redirection. In this blog, we'll explain how the issue occurs, and how you can resolve it.


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3/22/22 10:14 AM
by Thijs Feryn

Cache the Uncacheable: JSON Web Tokens (JWT) Secure Semi-Private Content

One of the most important tools in securing high-performance web content delivery is caching. But when we talk about caching, we often refer to static content that never changes and doesn’t contain any personalized information. Dynamic content, which changes frequently and is often used to personalize web experiences, isn’t easily cached because it contains content specifically tailored to an individual user. 

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9/16/21 12:48 AM
by Jonatan Lindgren

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