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Welcome to Varnish Software's roundup of this year’s most popular blog posts! Whether you're new to Varnish or a seasoned pro, these posts will provide valuable insights and tips. Let's dive in!

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12/13/23 9:35 PM
by Ian Vaughan

What Private Content Delivery Is and Why it Matters

Almost all organizations rely on some form of content delivery. From websites to media to software. The transfer of data, internally and externally, over HTTP has been critical to the digital transformation of every industry. Historically, organizations turned to Content Delivery Networks (CDN) to serve these needs, however, the CDN market is consolidating as service providers of every size struggle to monetize traditional infrastructure that once was modern. 

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11/1/23 10:20 PM
by Adrian Herrera

Using Software to Overcome Network and Hardware Limitations

When COVID-related lockdowns were introduced, and people started living their full lives at home, digitally connecting to everything, it became clear that bandwidth could pose a problem. Network limitations took the spotlight, and major streaming companies like Netflix and YouTube voluntarily reduced streaming quality of their services in a bid to keep the internet from collapsing. Mostly, the internet remained resilient in what consulting firm Deloitte has called a period of “Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity (VUCA)”. 

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2/10/22 3:03 PM
by Ian Vaughan

Varnish in a CDN Architecture

In this blog series, we’ve been looking inside Varnish to see what’s under the hood. There’s a lot more going on than meets the eye, beyond simple caching, beyond even Varnish Configuration Language.


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11/3/21 2:44 PM
by Ian Vaughan

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