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Announcing the Official Varnish Enterprise Helm Chart


We’re happy to announce the availability of the official Varnish Enterprise Helm Chart. Helm is a package manager and templating engine for deploying containers and applications on Kubernetes

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1/9/24 7:04 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Fixing Mixed Content and ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS errors in WordPress When using Varnish


WordPressis one of the most popular content management systems in the world. It originally started as blogging software, but it has evolved to become a full-blown website building tool (dare I say framework?).

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12/6/23 11:07 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Unlock the Secrets of Varnish with Stack Overflow Insights: A Deep Dive with the Experts


In the dynamic world of technology, questions arise and solutions are sought. Stack Overflow stands as a beacon, guiding individuals through their technical difficulties with insights from experts around the globe.

In this blog, we dive into the world of Varnish, a pivotal tool for caching, web & API acceleration and content delivery, through the lens of the most asked and intriguing questions on Stack Overflow.

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9/8/23 5:37 PM
by Thijs Feryn

Unlock the Power of Varnishlog: A Comprehensive Tutorial to Gain Actionable Insights from Varnish


Varnish sits in front of the web or application server and caches its output. This means that the logs of the web server no longer paint a complete picture of your site’s traffic. To get a complete view, logging on the edge is needed.

This is why we developed Varnishlog, a powertool to perform in-depth analysis of your requests, responses, backend fetches, backend health and caching behavior–so that you can generate actionable insights to improve performance, reliability, functionality and security.

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9/7/23 12:52 AM
by Thijs Feryn

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