Improved VAC responsiveness

It’s no exaggeration to say that the internet has gone through tremendous changes since its birth three decades ago. In particular, the UI/UX space has undergone some drastic iterations, with the explosion of many different devices, screen sizes and their accompanying demands. To meet the needs of users across screens and devices, it’s more important than ever that we constantly improve our applications to ensure that regardless of device, users can still easily access and use the web application. And we cannot ignore that fact that things are still changing, and we need to keep learning and update in an ongoing way to provide better user experiences to our end users.

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02/07/18 13:00
by Sudaman Shrestha

Using Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator to speed up Magento

Starting in Varnish 6.0, we have a new and exciting solution that is a game changer when it comes to content acceleration. The solution is Varnish E-Commerce Accelerator and it allows Varnish to cache previously uncacheable Magento content.

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19/06/18 13:55
by Reza Naghibi

Caching the Uncacheable with Varnish 6.0 and XBody

When we think about caching and CDNs, the first thing that comes to mind is static content. Things like images, CSS, and JavaScript files. Files that never change and are essential to the modern web browsing experience. Static file caching is the bread and butter of the CDN industry and no one doubts its usefulness and performance enhancing ability.

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19/06/18 13:45
by Reza Naghibi

Why enterprises build their own CDNs

There once was a time that building your own CDN would have been unthinkable - complicated, expensive and not worth the hassle, considering that there were a number of well-known commercial CDN providers available who could make it easy to distribute content reliably across the geographies a company wanted to reach. CDN vendors offer the full package: hardware, software, network and so on, meaning that, for a long time, for most companies, convenience trumped other considerations. 

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05/06/18 13:00
by Arianna Aondio

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