Now offering: Varnish Administrator Certification!

Today we are proud to introduce to you our new training offering, Varnish Certification. The certification is currently offered for the Varnish Administration course only but we are working on extending the certification to cover all Varnish courses.

How does the certification work?

During the last hour of the Varnish Administration course all attendees have the opportunity to take the certification exam without any additional cost. The exam is open-book and monitored by the instructor. The instructor manages the entire certification process. After having passed the exam you will become a Certified Varnish Administrator, a certification that confirms your qualified knowledge of Varnish Cache and the capability to professionally apply this knowledge in practice.

Why is certification important?

The purpose of the Varnish Certification is to provide the official and public recognition of an individual’s competencies and capabilities when it comes to Varnish Administration and to raise the professional standard within the Varnish user community.

Why are we offering Varnish training and certification?

Varnish Software has offered training courses since 2010. By offering training (and now also certification) to the Varnish user community we aim to raise the level of Varnish user expertise out there. And by investing in Varnish training, organizations can maximise the value and performance of their Varnish Cache installation.

What type of training do we offer?

Our courses and training offering have evolved over time and we can now offer three courses:
Our training courses are offered both onsite and online.

Where do I sign up for Varnish courses?

On the Varnish Training web page you can view the prices of our different courses, browse for a course that fits your schedule and book your seat.

We look forward to seeing you in the classroom!


5/31/13 11:19 AM by Hildur Smaradottir

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