Official Support For Varnish Cache

Elevate Your Experience

Exciting news from Varnish Software: we're thrilled to introduce official support packages for Varnish Cache!

Our Mission: Empower organizations using Varnish Cache to fully unleash the potential of Varnish Cache by providing the support they need to thrive.

As the primary stewards of the Varnish Cache project and the creators of Varnish Enterprise, we're extending our expert support to Varnish Cache users worldwide. Our support team includes Varnish Core Engineers and represents the greatest concentration of Varnish expertise in the world.

Why Choose Varnish Cache Support from Varnish Software?

Subscribing to Varnish Cache support plan opens the door to a host of exceptional benefits, designed to supercharge your Varnish Cache journey:
  • Professional Support. Access dedicated expertise through the Varnish Support Portal (up to 5 cases per year).
  • Security Vigilance. Stay ahead with timely alerts for potential vulnerabilities.
  • Professional Development. Explore opportunities for personalized services and training, enhancing your Varnish mastery.

Get in touch with the form above and the Varnish Software team will be in touch with more information on activating your Varnish Cache support subscription, including pricing and SLAs.