Moving your page assembly and content rendering to the edge with Edgestash

When delivering content to mobile it can become a real problem that the fetching and rendering process needed for a simple page delivery takes anywhere from a few seconds to tens of seconds.

A new Varnish Enterprise feature, Edgestash, moves this burden to the outer limit of your architecture with the page-assembly logic happening at the edge (server side). Client-side logic and page assembly can still exist, but when complemented with edge-side rendering, the number of roundtrips and used bandwidth are dramatically reduced, providing a much faster user experience!

Join our live webinar to learn about the capabilities of Edgestash.

You will learn:

  • How Edgestash can complement and co-exist with browser-based JavaScript frameworks
  • How much faster your page assembly time can become with Edgestash
  • How assembling content very close to the end user leads to less bandwidth being used, less latency and fewer roundtrips.