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Using Varnish DIY CDN we are able to deliver hundreds of terabytes of content seamlessly as well as deliver on our 100 percent SLA to our customers.

- Matt Levine, Founder and CTO, CacheFly

In an outage situation, the whole site can be offline, and we still have a working website, thanks to Varnish technology. The CBC website could not do without it. Personally, I like it so much, I won’t do anything without it.

- Massimo Mollica, Manager at CBC/Radio-Canada

At low volumes, managed services from cloud computing providers can be low cost and perform adequately, but at ‘internet scale’ the costs can balloon and latency becomes harder to solve for. Solutions like Varnish are an important component of improving cost of ownership and performance.

- Ed Laczynski, CEO, Zype
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