Over the years we've noticed that Varnish Cache users run into similar kinds of challenges when they use Varnish for web caching. We know how to help our users avoid these pitfalls and roadblocks.

Our founder and founder, Per Buer and Technical Evangelist, Arianna Aondio, talk about the 10 most common Varnish Cache mistakes and how you can avoid them. The aim here, of course, is to help you optimize your Varnish Cache use and your web performance overall. 

Some of what you will learn includes information and fixes for common mistakes, such as:

  • Caching set cookies
  • Varying on User-Agent
  • Setting high TTLs without a proper plan
  • Believing everything you read about Varnish Cache online
  • Failure to monitor Varnish Cache’s ‘Nuked Counter’
  • Not using custom error messages
  • Messing with accept-encoding
  • Failure to understand hit-for-pass
  • Misconfiguration of memory
  • Failure to monitor sys log 


Per Buer,
Founder, Varnish Software

Arianna speaking.png

Arianna Aondio
Technical Evangelist, Varnish Software 



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