How CacheFly uses Varnish to deliver the best possible service to customers. Rapid growth made it essential for CacheFly to find a caching solution that supported scalability at its performance level as well as providing the stability required for deploying in-demand new features.

During the webinar CacheFly's CTO will share:

  • How they used Varnish Enterprise to massively improve performance on "in-flight" objects
  • How much more granular control over caching and more flexibility allows CacheFly to deliver better customer service
  • How features can now be added or changed within minutes - not days - ensuring that functionality is maintained in a timely fashion
  • How CacheFly has saved both monetary and manpower resources after implementing Varnish Enterprise.

What: Varnish Software webinar on how CacheFly used Varnish to future-proof their caching and their CDN.


Per.png Per Buer, Founder of Varnish Software

Matt Levine.png Matt Levine, Founder & CTO of CacheFly