Manage multi-terabyte data sets and deliver seamless streaming content

Built for the high-performance needs of video distribution, CDNs, and large-cache use cases, Varnish's Massive Storage Engine 3.0 (MSE3) in the Varnish Streaming Server solution ensures that your Varnish caching layer can handle multi-terabyte data sets and persist them across sessions, while keeping up performance, availability and scalability.

Looking at a streaming case, MSE3 allows the delivery of high-quality streaming content, even in the event of a website outage or restart, where large data sets are preserved in the cache.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • What's new in the MSE3 release 
  • How a memory-mapped file affects performance
  • How MSE3 keeps fragmentation to a minimum
  • User space page cache implementation using AIO

Learn how Varnish Streaming Server can be used to manage multi-terabytes of content and deliver the perfect video experience.

What: Streaming terabytes of content with Varnish
Who: Martin Blix Grydeland, Senior Developer at Varnish Software


Photo by Thaddaeus Lim on Unsplash