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Register to watch Varnish Technical Evangelist Thijs Feryn and Senior Engineer Arianna Aondio for a run down of the 'Top 10 Dos and Don’ts' when it comes to caching with Varnish.

Whether you’re using Varnish Cache to speed up your own website or deploying Varnish Enterprise on a large scale streaming operation, this webinar will have crucial tips and tricks for you.

From caching large objects to computing at the edge, join Thijs and Arianna as they discuss best practices which you can use to immediately add value to your Varnish setup.

Here is just a taste of what you can expect when you join us:

  • How to benefit from built-in VCL
  • Avoiding misconfigured memory
  • Understanding Varnish logging
  • The right way to use TTL
  • And more!

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Our Speakers

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Thijs Feryn
Technical Evangelist | Varnish

Arianna Aondio
Senior Engineer | Varnish