Your website’s revenue is directly tied to its performance, especially during critical sales periods like Black Friday. Amazon, for example, sees a 1% revenue decrease for every 100ms increase in load time. Another study shows that websites with 1 second load times have 3x higher conversion rates than sites loading in 5 seconds.

Google Lighthouse makes it easy to understand your website’s Core Web Vitals, which are the key metrics for website performance. The better the Lighthouse score, the better the SEO, conversions and revenue.

During this webinar we’ll demonstrate how to improve website performance with Varnish, and then measure the difference using Google Lighthouse.

In an hour, you can have everything in place to capture more revenue on Black Friday and beyond. You’ll learn how to:

  • Improve bounce, conversion rates to increase sales
  • Support excellent experiences on any device
  • Manage traffic spikes and security risks cost effectively


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Elyse Ault

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