Manage your performance using high availability

Varnish High Availability (VHA) is a high-performance content replicator for Varnish Enterprise. Using VHA with a group of Varnish servers ensures that cached objects will be efficiently replicated between caches, even across distant clusters. This both provides higher performance to the client and minimizes backend traffic.

You will learn:

  1. Why you should use high availability for cache replication.
  2. How you can multiply caching nodes and output bandwidth, without pressuring your backend.
  3. How you can divide your backend bandwidth by at least 50%.
  4. How to drive your backend hit ratio down.
  5. How to easily install and configure Varnish High Availability to achieve all of the above.

During the webinar Guillaume Quintard, Varnish Software developer and Varnish High Availability product owner, will talk you through how you can easily manage your website performance using high availability.