New release: Varnish Controller 3.0 with Traffic Router

Varnish Controller 3.0 makes running Varnish clusters easy, letting you load VCL files and add new servers at the click of a button. Now, we’re taking it to the next level and have a special announcement to make...

We're adding our solution Traffic Router to Controller.

Because it's built-in to Controller, Traffic Router gives you the power to manage a private CDN from a single dashboard. Route traffic, manage multi-tenancy and scale up in seconds.

As well as demoing Controller 3.0 and Traffic Router, we’ll show you how to:

  • Deploy VCL to new servers automatically
  • Invalidate the cache across multiple Varnish servers, simultaneously
  • Deploy multiple VCLs to a single instance
  • Produce metrics based on content type, location, domain and more!

Webinar Speaker Images_Elyse


Elyse Ault

Senior Account


Webinar Speaker Images_Fredrik


Fredrik Steen

Product Owner,