Explore the transformative impact of edge computing in our webinar. We'll focus on how performance needs are driving workloads to the network edge, in the hunt for high-quality, lower cost service at scale. This move is vital for latency-sensitive, bandwidth-intensive tasks, but requires infrastructure that meets performance, compute, scalability, and flexibility demands.

Discover how recent hardware and software advancements, including those from Varnish Software in partnership with Intel, are making edge delivery both cost-effective and efficient, with breakthroughs in throughput and energy savings.

Our session will delve into the critical shift of compute resources to the edge, the latest hardware innovations supporting high-performance edge computing, and the crucial role of content delivery software. We'll also discuss the importance of scalability and flexibility in managing edge-based web services.

Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of edge computing's role in enhancing web performance, and its future potential in the technology landscape.