How to identify issues in Varnish and track web-traffic stats in real-time: Getting the most out of Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS)

We live in a time in which data is valuable. Moreover, the ability to gather data in real-time is key because immediately reacting to intelligence gathered makes a big difference. The insights you gain from staying on top of statistics and usage information can have a direct, bottom-line influence on performance and, ultimately, the user experience and whether users stick with you.

Varnish Custom Statistics (VCS), a powerful Varnish Enterprise application, tracks everything, providing the building blocks for real-time, actionable insight into everything from content delivery performance to troubleshooting, from the relevance and popularity of content to the quality of the user experience. VCS has value and instant applicability across your business.

During this live webinar you will gain practical insight into:

  • How to get started with VCS
  • Using VCS for retrieval of business related metrics, in real-time
  • Using VCS for immediate identification of technical and performance issues with Varnish
  • Tips and tricks for using VCS optimally
  • ...and much more