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How can distributed edge reduce cloud costs for enterprises?

As enterprises increasingly explore digital transformation practices, the demand for cloud services continues to grow. Many enterprises are reliant on cloud services for data storage, computing capabilities, and content distribution.

STL conducted a recent survey, which found that almost 90% of enterprises had experienced rising cloud costs in the last 2 years. This rise is centered around greater data storage and data transfer requirements.

In this webinar, we will use the survey insights to explore the deployment of distributed edge solutions as a viable mitigation strategy. We'll delve into the burgeoning interest surrounding distributed edge solutions, which offer flexibility, security, and cost efficiencies not achievable through a traditional cloud model.

Key questions we'll explore include:

  • What are the key challenges enterprises currently have with their IT architecture?
  • What are the key costs enterprises are experiencing with the cloud?
  • What are the advantages of pursuing a distributed edge model for enterprises?

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