Commercial CDNs allow you to scale rapidly, but traffic increases can make it difficult to balance budgets while maintaining performance, flexibility and origin protection.

You can solve these issues and optimize your CDN utilization by taking a dual-layer approach that combines commercial CDN scale with private CDN performance and resilience.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Take control - Achieve your specific needs when combining commercial CDNs like Akamai, Fastly and Cloudflare with a private CDN powered by Varnish. 
  • Improve performance - Deliver seamless experiences and improve your Core Web Vitals. 
  • Reduce latency - Improve response rates of cache misses and provide a more responsive end-user experience.
  • Protect Origins - Reduce backend load by caching content that commercial CDNs miss.

... and much more!

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arianna-circleArianna Aondio
Director Solutions Engineering
Varnish Software