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Improving DevOps Productivity & Security with Private Content Delivery

Equinix and Varnish Software

The web is used for more than websites & API calls these days: video content, DevOps artifacts, software updates and more are distributed over HTTP. For latency-sensitive workloads, like streaming video and CI/CD pipelines, low latency matters. Enter: the private CDN.

Experts Thijs Feryn, Technical Evangelist at Varnish Software, and Charlie Lane, Principal Solutions Architect at Equinix, discuss how companies today are taking advantage of a private CDN hosted on a dedicated cloud offering to optimize their productivity and improve overall security and performance.

Join us to learn how using a private CDN that is fully tailored to your needs can:

  • Improve Performance: Faster object delivery due to proximity to users.
  • Increase Scalability: CDNs handle increased traffic without affecting performance.
  • Ensure Reliability: Redundant servers ensure high availability.
  • Optimize Security: CDNs protect against DDoS attacks and provide SSL and encryption.

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