In the end, it comes down to satisfying the demands of the end user as close to instant, real-time as possible.
In this second episode of our talk with CacheFly on multi-CDNs, we dive into caching, test objects and traffic rerouting; what happens on days where major software updates or new gaming versions are released, and how internet traffic peaks are handled.
With real examples from all over the globe, we cover:
  • Shifting networks between PoPs to reroute traffic during demand peaks
  • What local live sports broadcasters do to avoid latency
  • Caching objects and local CDNs
  • How the gaming industry sometimes breaks the internet
  • How a hybrid CDN strategy comes in handy to outsource some traffic to commercial CDNs

Our Expert Panel


Thijs circle-cropped

Mat Levine Cachefly

Thijs Feryn

Matt Levine

Technical Evangelist | Varnish Software

CTO | CacheFly