If your CDN fails, your website drops offline, taking your audience and revenue with it. 

In this webinar we’ll show how an origin shield can save you in an outage, so you can keep reaching your audience while other websites go down. 

As a caching layer between your servers and CDN, an origin shield also protects against the traffic impact of revalidating CDN nodes. They can even serve content if the origin itself goes offline.


Discover the easy way to defend against downtime and learn how to:

  • Serve web content when your CDN fails
  • Protect origin servers from high traffic
  • Implement an origin shield, including sizing
  • Maintain uptime as your origin fails

We're also doing a live demo of a CDN outage to show manual and automatic failover strategies using an easy-to-implement Varnish solution.



Thijs circle-cropped

Thijs Feryn
Technical Evangelist
Varnish Software