275,000 requests per second: Yes we can!

In the Age of Reason, Galileo Galilei brought a tremendous shift in paradigm into the world with the advent of the telescope. The steam engine in the Age of Enlightenment laid the cornerstone for modern-era transportation. Free from the constraints of theology, these were the technological advancements not seen again until Sonic and Mario.

In our Age of Turbulence, Facebook and iPads are ever prevalent and ubiquitous. With the blink of an eye, the seminal moment of cloud computing and SaaS drifted by, and meanwhile, Varnish Cache reached 275,000 requests per second. A new record, a change in the wind direction perhaps, but from today, the noughties have just gotten a little bit quicker.

Image (c) 2015 Jesse Sewell used under Creative Commons license.

10/25/10 11:19 AM by Yves Hwang

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