Authorization and authentication webinar: Ask Me Anything

In our work with customers and prospects, we’ve found that there are a lot of questions out there about authorization and authentication - both in general and specifically related to privilege and access management using and through Varnish.

Regardless of whether you run a small internal website or a massive website with global users (particularly sites such as media, which have different metering and subscribership levels to manage, or e-commerce or similar sites with complex, individual user information handling), authentication and authorization will be an important part of your architecture. The bottom line is: certain content is specifically meant for certain audiences, and you need a way to ensure that content is managed accordingly.

Straightforward enough as a concept, right? But once you get into it, many questions arise. Everyone’s setup is a bit different, and everyone has different access control needs. That’s the whole purpose behind the upcoming August 8th webinar, Ask Me Anything about authorization and authentication.

Many questions have already flooded in - but keep them coming. This is your chance to ask whatever it is your want to know about authorization and authentication with Varnish.

To give you an idea of the kinds of questions we’ve already received, and to which you can tune in to get the answers by registering to attend the webinar, here is a sample of the questions we’ve received so far:

  • Is it possible to handle OAuth in Varnish?
  • What kind of authentication is supported? It's possible to turn Varnish in an "Authentication Portal"? Is "2 Factor Auth" supported?
  • Does Varnish work with LDAP?


Don’t wait - register now and submit your question(s) at the same time as you sign up!

What: Live Ask Me Anything webinar on authentication & authorization in Varnish

When: Tuesday, 8th August 2017 at 8am PDT/11am EDT/5pm CEST

Who: Arianna Aondio, Varnish Software Field Engineer
Arianna is a popular speaker at conferences such as Velocity, SRECon and Tech Summit, amongst other events. She is also a core Varnish developer and delivers Varnish training.

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8/1/17 10:03 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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