Make your AEM installation lightning fast with Varnish Plus

Varnish Software is pleased to announce a joint partner event with our system integration partner, Netcentric, and Adobe.

The event will primarily be of interest to organizations already using Adobe AEM or have plans to deploy AEM in the future and want to ensure that they’re getting maximum performance from their AEM environment. 

We’ll begin the seminar with a technical presentation from Adobe and an overview of the Adobe Marketing Cloud and how your company will benefit from an integrated digital marketing solution.

Following Adobe, Varnish Software will present features from the Varnish Plus suite, which will enhance your websites’ overall performance and deliver a better user experience.

Netcentric will wrap everything together, discussing how to combine and use the best features from Adobe and Varnish.

We’ll finish the day with a case study from our shared client, UBS, showing how all of these technologies work together in a real-world environment.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to learn more about Varnish Software, Netcentric and Adobe solutions atour event in Frankfurt, October 8th.

This image is (c) 2015 from David Schiersner and used under a creative commons license

9/10/15 11:19 AM by David Vogel

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