PageCache powered by Varnish makes your Magento webshop fly!

Today, as the MeetMagento conference in Leipzig, Germany takes place, we launch PageCache powered by Varnish.

Stay tuned as we will continue developing our portfolio with support subscriptions and other professional services to cover the growing market demand for Magento and Varnish Cache services. I am confident that the combination of expertise of both our companies, Phoenix Medien and Varnish Software, will deliver what ecommerce site owners expect from a supplier they can trust to solve their specific performance optimization needs with supported products and services of the highest quality.

Since last year I have been thinking about a set of products and services tailored for Magento and Varnish Cache. This makes a lot of sense for many reasons:

  • Varnish adds speed and scalability to your current Magento setup, reducing hardware and software license costs.
  • A faster website makes your webshop rank higher on search engines, giving you more visibility.
  • Faster websites translate to loyal customers.
  • More visibility means better branding and more sales.
  • A reliable, secure, stable, 24/7 webstore is a critical requirement today, not a nice-to-have option.
  • The more users your site can handle, the bigger your store can grow

So I am very pleased to see today the announcement of our partnership with Phoenix Medien, a recognized German Magento Gold partner and e-commerce agency that has many years of experience developing Magento extensions and delivering services on the well-known open source e-commerce platform. And we are happy to be able to deliver the Varnish Cache experience to all Magento e-commerce webshops, whether you use the Magento community, professional or enterprise editions. The product is available right now at Magento Connect - The Official Marketplace for Magento Extensions.

For more information, features and pricing of this extension please visit the Varnish cache page at the Phoenix Medien website. Leave a comment or get in touch if you want to know more about this product or related Varnish Cache services.

Image (c) 2015 Cristian Baron used under Creative Commons license.

5/16/11 11:19 AM by Rubén Romero

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