Using Varnish as Ski Wax

Ericsson will share the "behind the scenes" story about using Varnish Plus to accelerate the Ericsson Networked Event platform at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship in Falun. The platform was used to distribute general event information, live results, athletes tracking and TV broadcasting to 250,000 skiing fans around the world.

About the speaker - Viktor Gunnarson is the lead developer for Ericsson Networked Event, a platform used to drive results reporting, tracking athletes and doing TV broadcasting for events around the world. Most recent events include the Swedish Open in Tennis and the FIS Nordic World Ski Championship. Viktor implemented the caching solution in the platform among other parts.

Discover more here about our events.

The image is (c) 2012 Piere Annoni and used under a creative commons license.

9/3/15 11:19 AM by Alexandra Lehner

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