February 12, 2019
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The team behind Varnish Enterprise managed services


As we know, many traditional managed services remove control from your hands and lock you into black-box solutions into which there is little to no transparency. You end up with systems you have no insight into and have trouble decoupling from once you decide you want to change vendors.



Meet Varnish Managed Services

At Varnish Software, we’ve created products that are so flexible and hands-on that they can be intimidating to people who need Varnish but don’t have time to become dyed-in-the-wool Varnish experts.

We’ve had a few conversations with customers who are very technical and very busy, and as much as they would like to manage every aspect of Varnish, they sometimes don’t have the capacity or don’t know exactly what they will need to learn - or the scope of what they need to learn - to make Varnish work for their very different circumstances. One recent customer shared that after doing research, they knew Varnish Enterprise was the right choice for them, but that had underestimated the complexity of setting everything up and monitoring for themselves, in addition to performing their core jobs.

These kinds of cases are why we decided to pave the middle way: in collaboration with a Varnish operational expert team, you can get your own transparent, flexible Varnish solution and decide how hands-on you want or need to be and how much you would like our experts to handle the infrastructure for you.


As much or as little control as you prefer

Varnish Managed Services is not just about handing over control and forgetting about your caching and web performance infrastructure - but it can be. The point of Varnish Managed Services is that it’s up to you.

One customer explained how they chose to go for Varnish Managed Services and how it’s worked for them:

“We didn’t have the time or resources to look after our Varnish setup ourselves, so a team of Varnish core devops came over, set things up for us and monitored the entire thing for us in a time of pressure, where we had to make sure people would get their content delivered flawlessly. We were very impressed that core engineers themselves were looking after our infrastructure.”

Varnish Managed Services: Not your traditional managed services

The difference with Varnish Managed Services is that there is always a person behind everything Varnish does.

  • From the beginning, you’re working with a person defining your requirements and deciding how much or how little you want to be involved.

  • You’re able to see exactly what Varnish is doing with the flexibility to create new features according to your own timeline and need. Varnish is never a closed, black-box solution.

  • You’re able to switch solutions whenever you want to; you’re not locked into Varnish and have the flexibility to change your service plan to get more or less support as needed.

Get on with your business: develop products, not infrastructure.

Varnish Managed Services