August 21, 2019
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Improving your video streaming with Varnish Enterprise Managed Services


With video content dominating the internet and companies of all types adopting serious streaming content delivery strategies, the time is ripe for a robust, high-performance streaming solution that provides key streaming outcomes: high volumes of video and other streaming content at the highest possible quality and best possible performance and speed for both on-demand and live video.

All while ensuring resilience and availability, the most efficient use of resources and being able to scale up for demand automatically - without you having to intervene.

Varnish Streaming Server has offered these solutions for several years already, helping customers as Sky and Tele2 to make their streaming infrastructure deliver the speed, consistency, availability and reduced latency they require. Until recently Varnish acted as an adviser to streaming customers, helping them to scope out the hardware, bandwidth and storage needs for their particular streaming setups. Part of this process has been making performance metrics more visible and accessible, which we've introduced in our Varnish Live mobile app - which enables you to monitor your Varnish instances wherever you are, whenever you want. 

But, even if most companies would like to have a visual representation of their streaming performance and be able to monitor that everything is performing optimally, not all specialize in streaming infrastructure, video content delivery performance and monitoring and do not want to. Varnish, on the other hand, has focused on this expertise while helping customers in a wide variety of industries to set up bespoke streaming solutions specifically for their needs. Now with Varnish Managed Services, anyone can utilize Varnish's operations expertise and hand over the day-to-day management and monitoring of your streaming solution. All the peace of mind and high-performance streaming Varnish offers while taking on as little or as much control of its management as you want.

Why let Varnish manage your streaming solution?

Varnish can be complex, and the performance rewards and efficiency/resource gains Varnish enables, are realized easier and faster when the flexibility of Varnish Configuration Language (VCL) is exploited to the fullest. This is how our Varnish experts can take your streaming services to the next level. VCL allows for virtually unlimited adaptability, which has always made it possible for you to tailor your Varnish instances to make them truly your own.

With the scope and scale of streaming demands, the people within your business that work with and develop Varnish day in and day out need to ensure that Varnish reaches its full potential for your specific architecture and content delivery needs to help you tackle the primary challenges of streaming. From managing unpredictable traffic demands, keeping up with demand/uptime, reducing latency with features like prefetching and making the most of the edge server’s caching capabilities and fast access to massive libraries of stored content, this is all possible with Varnish.

Varnish Managed Services for streaming

Whether streaming is your core business and you need additional resources, or it’s just a sliver of what you need to deliver to keep end-users happy, Varnish Ops lets you tap into true content delivery flexibility. You can handle the maintenance of your streaming infrastructure as little or as much as you like, or take on just what you need - Varnish Ops is a flexible managed support service that offers simplicity, transparency (no black box), retention of ownership and no vendor lock-in. Whether you’re using straight on-prem services, cloud services or a hybrid of both, Varnish Ops gives you the extra expertise you need to harden your streaming infrastructure to handle anything that comes its way.


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